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7 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship

Being cheated upon is a gruesome experience, as most of the times cheating is not a mistake but a deliberately chosen option. As men, you don’t want your girls to get cozy with your friends.


In case you are finding it difficult to get to the truth, but you do suspect your lady having an affair behind your back, here are seven points which may be helping you out a bit:
1. Asking about your prosaic routine
She will ask a lot about your plans, like a lot. Knowing about yours, she can plan hers accordingly while you’re out and then come back home to put up with her charade. If you want to catch her red handed, tell her a different time and come back home early. You sure are to discover what your lady has been up to.
2. Lost in her thoughts
She will be inattentive and you will have several unaccounted hours to deal with. While conversing, you will notice you’re yielding no more than an occasional ‘hmm’ and ‘huh’ and she seems to be lost in a world of her own, far away from yours. Distraction is the first stepping stone for an impending breakup and if your girl is already aboard, it won’t take much time for your relation to come crashing down.
3. Nagging all the time
Even little imperfections irk her. She is unnecessarily rude and argues and shouts at you on the slightest pretext. These arguments are mostly heated from her side and as her guilty consciousness surges, she will use these meaningless quarrels as a ground for breaking up. “I think it’s not working out anymore” or “I think it’s time we see other people” are often used. Because she already has made her choice of other people.


4. “Oh we’re just good friends”
This phrase is a phrase to be reckoned with and nearly utmost times have a secret hidden meaning to it. And most often, this turns out to point out more than it implies. If the mere mention of this ‘just good friend’ makes her uncomfortable, if she flinches at the mention of his name and acts all worked up, chances are she is having a fling with that particular person. You can ascertain your story by doing the same with this good friend and see how he reacts. If they both act jumpy and nervous, then my friend, it’s definitely an affair behind your back.
5. Avoiding a proper confrontation
When quizzed about her whereabouts, the possibility of regardless of the possibility, she would try avoiding direct verbal confrontation by avoiding to answer your questions. She will try her level best to shift the direction of an argument elsewhere or would present you with the silent treatment. It is high time you prepare yourself for an eminent breakup.
6. “My cellphone is not yours to browse through!”
Now this is what I like to call the termination-probation period sentence. Not only will she be glued to her phone, allegedly texting her gal pals, she would giggle and flush while staring at the screen. She would be inattentive and would choose the phone over spending quality time together. She would also resent your interference, quoting the famous above line when feeling trapped. Thus it is only at during heated arguments with you that she will play the ‘my privacy’ card.
7. The loss in our spark
She will avoid any kind of physical confrontation and will even stop doing the basic forms of endearment. She will not hug you, nor give a peck on your cheeks. When all of the above points are getting manifested quite often, it’s a clear sign that she is not that into you anymore and has indeed moved on. If this happens, it is better to be alone than be with someone who is half there or not at all.



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