9 Things You Don't Know The Proper Use For
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There are so many things that you come across on daily basis. In your entire lifetime, you end up using thousands of things or perhaps more. But there are so many basic things out there that you don't know the real use of. Let us add a little bit of insight for you!


Plastic in Bottle
Have you seen this tiny plastic inside a plastic bottle cap? Ever figured its real use? The tiny plastic inside bottle cap is meant to hold the gases inside the bottle. This makes the liquid fresh for longer period of times!
Lollipop Stick
Look at this lollipop stick now. You all must have seen it while popping a lolly pop for sure. A small amount of candy melts into that hole and holds the candy on stick firmly. Wow, intriguing, right?
Those Holes
As you take the foil paper out of that cylindrical baton like thing, you must have noticed the two holes on each side. Those holes are not their for the air to pass but they help to hold the foil roll in the box as you tear a small part of it for use.
The Hole Right Next to the Camera
The iPhone and today in fact almost every phone has a tiny hole right next to the camera. That is an inbuilt microphone which helps to capture audio better while recording video.
Extra Fabric
Every time you buy a new cloth, you get a little piece of extra fabric with it. What in the world can that fabric be for? It is there for you to test the effect of detergent on the cloth.


Number 57
Do you seriously think number 57 is there because that is the number of varieties Heinz has? No! This is actually the sweet part of it and can be tapped upon while trying to get the ketchup out.
Metal Plate
There is a metal plate in the bottom of every stapler. You just need to rotate the plate at the bottom of the stapler and there will be no need of using a staple remover to remove any staples.
Those 2 Lines On Your Earphone Jack
Those 2 lines are responsible for a very important task. They are the reason you hear from both the earphones. Without those, both the sides won't work together.
That Plastic
The main purpose of the plastic inside a soft drink bottle cap is to make sure the content inside is protected from direct sunlight! This won't ruin the drink!



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