Get paid to ride a Harley Davidson, and get the bike for yourself
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As many as eight college students won’t have to spend several weeks caged in a cubicle during this year’s summer internship. Harley Davidson has come up with a new global internship program that picks eight college students from around the world and asks them to ride motorcycles and document the experience. The interns will get paid for this and will even get to keep the Harley Davidson motorcycle that they’ll ride during the internship!


Harley Davidson will select the interns by the middle of next month. The selected candidates will be given motorcycles and taught to ride. Then, they’ll have to attend several motorcycle events across the US, maybe even overseas, on their Harleys. They’ll have to document their experiences through social media. The eight interns will be at least 18 years old and will be paid for this 12-week-long summer internship. The internship is open to all the students that are studying to pursue a career in social media, communications, public relations or marketing. The interns will post videos, images, and stories on their personal social media accounts and Harley’s channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
“We are going to send them all over the country,” said Heidi Skinner, director of channel marketing. “We are going to get them immersed in the high-profile events, for sure, but also into more underground, counter-culture events. We are looking for it all,” he added. Other than the salary, and of course, the riding experience, the interns will also benefit from gaining experience with marketing and communications. “We think that really sweetens the deal,” Skinner said. Like we said, college students from all over the world are eligible for this internship. Those interested need to apply on Harley’s website by May 11.
“We will really test that in the application process by having the students create a video, write an essay, develop a photo collage or however they want to tell their story.” Also, the interns “will need to work pretty independently because we are going to entrust a lot to them.” Skinner said.



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