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Threads will allow users to automatically share their status, location, battery life and more with friends


Facebook is working on a new messaging app for Instagram called Threads. It will be a companion app for Instagram that will allow users to share personal details such as status, location, speed, battery life and more with their close friends.
According to The Verge, Facebook is currently testing the app internally. On Instagram, users can create a special ‘close friends’ list where they can share their most intimate content rather than having to share it with all their followers. Threads will be taking over the same list of close friends with its features. Along with the above-mentioned details, users will be able to send text, photo, and video messages using the existing creative features on Instagram.
This is the company’s latest venture into exploring new methods to take on Snapchat. Some of the features like sharing your location are already present on Snapchat that also gives users a complete view of the location of all their friends on a map.
The Verge says that Threads looks similar to the existing messaging section on Instagram. Users will be able to view when their friends are online and also watch their stories within the app. There’s also an automatic sharing feature that will constantly update your location, speed, battery life and more details in real-time. Yikes! However, it's an opt-in feature, so maybe it isn’t that alarming. Also, the report says that instead of pointing your exact location, the app will specify whether you’re moving or stationary.
There isn’t any clarity when Threads will be launched. If Facebook doesn’t receive positive feedback through its internal testing, the app could be shelved before launch just like Instagram Direct.



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