3-YO Girl Interrupts Father’s Live Performance, Says She Wants To Sing Along, Watch Video
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Kids are absolutely adorable. But the little munchkins often interrupt their parents when they least expect them to. Whether it is a workout session, an important BBC interview or even a live news broadcast!


On February 2, 3-year-old Veda crashed her father’s concert and ended up stealing the show with her impressive vocals.
According to The Indian Express, vocalist and composer Madhav Beena Agrawal was performing Dil hai chota sa from the film ‘Roja’ when his daughter came on stage and asked to sing along. The doting dad requested the musicians to start over and gave her the stage. Check it out.

The audience cheered as she sang the tune perfectly and thoroughly enjoyed her cute antics on stage. Thereafter, her mother Megha shared the video of her first performance on Twitter that went viral in no time. The post has over 15,000 likes and 172,000 views.


People praised the little girl’s confidence and talent while declaring that she would become a star in the future.
Isn’t it heartwarming to see parents humouring their kids’ requests and including them in their professional lives? Here’s hoping that Veda performs in many other concerts in the times to come.



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