Bollywood Scandals – Biggest Scandals And Controversies That Shocked Bollywood
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For the outsiders, Bollywood has always been a world of glitz and glamour. As someone had rightly said, “All that glitters is not gold,” Bollywood too is far from being something golden. The perfect world of movies and stars is real only in our imagination because in the real world, Bollywood is flawed and dirty. We have heard of many scandals that have shaken the industry and set fire to many people’s careers for life. Even then, we often tend to forget their flaws and celebrate their movies because let’s face it— the public’s memory is pretty poor.


We love the celebrities that we see on the silver screen but they are far from the characters they play in the movies and carry a totally different persona in real life. Some of them are faced with allegations of rapes, hit and run, and leaked MMS scandals. But, by throwing in a truckload of money and getting support from politicians these celebrities cover up the scandals in no time. But, as we have it, with the help of a good public relations team these stars can wipe the dirt off their shoulders easily. To refresh your memory, let’s dig out some of the most shocking Bollywood scandals that almost got erased with time. Don’t blame us if you start hating your favorite celebrities after reading the below list.
Mika Singh And Rakhi Sawant’s Kiss
Who doesn’t know Mika Singh, the talented singer who has given Bollywood many memorable tunes to dance? Well, more than his peppy numbers, his scandal with item girl Rakhi Sawant caught attention after he forcefully kissed her during his birthday party in front of the guests. According to Mika, Rakhi applied cake on his face even though he warned her not to after which he kissed her to “teach her a lesson.” Rakhi, her then boyfriend, and her friends didn’t let go of the issue easily and dragged the singer to court. Well, both the celebrities became quite popular after the scandal which isn’t mysterious at all.
Hrithik Roshan And Kangana Ranaut’s Public Spat
The Greek God is one of the biggest names in Bollywood but his reputation was dragged through the dirt when Kangana Ranaut revealed their alleged relationship. When Kangana referred to Hrithik as her “silly ex” hell broke loose, leading to a very long blame game. The two were rumored to be involved in a love affair when they were working together for the movie Krrish 3. Hrithik and Kangana sent each other legal notices and Hrithik even went on to Twitter to explain himself. Kangana and Hrithik were originally supposed to work together in Aashiqui 3 but when Hrithik refused to work with his alleged ex, she was dropped out of the project.
Kangana Ranaut And Aditya Pancholi’s Abusive Love Affair
Kangana Ranaut’s climb to fame isn’t really the best one and she has allegedly had multiple affairs with married men. We don’t know if that’s true or not, but according to her, Aditya Pancholi who is of “her father’s age” abused and assaulted her during their affair and she even had to jump out of the window to escape his fury once. Kangana said that she was kept under house arrest and hurt. The bad boy of B-town responded to the allegations that he was “totally in love” with Kangana and he did a lot to help the “penniless” girl. He said that he was even building a separate house for his love lady when he found out that she was cheating on him. Now, what can we say to that?


Jiya Khan’s Suicide And Sooraj Pancholi
Well, there’s no doubt that Sooraj Pancholi got a lot more than just good looks from his father Aditya Pancholi. When Jiya Khan committed suicide, her letter to Sooraj who was then her boyfriend, revealed that he had cheated on her and treated her bad Jiya Khan’s mother, Rabiya Khan, accused Sooraj of her daughter’s murder. But, Sooraj’s parents tried their best to prove that he was innocent and that Jiya was emotionally unstable. Needless to say, Sooraj’s career ended even before he could work in more than one movie.
Shiney Ahuja Rape Case
Shiney Ahuja is one of those gifted actors and he proved his ability through movies like Life in a metro, Gangster, and Bhool Bhulaiya. He had already become pretty famous by 2009 when things went downhill. Shiney was sentenced for seven years in jail for raping his teenager maid who later on retracted and said that the intercourse was consensual. He was released on bail after three years and he appeared in the movie Welcome Back in 2015. The people certainly didn’t welcome him back though.
Shahid Kapoor And Kareena Kapoor’s MMS
Two of Bollywood’s most loved stars were brought under the red light after an MMS of them kissing leaked all over the internet. The duo who were dating back then never agreed that it was them in the video although it really did look like them–– plain lying or just coincidence?
We’re pretty sure that these scandals are just a drop in an ocean full of dirty secrets. Casting couch stories in itself can fill a library full of books and we can do nothing but sigh. 



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