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Only you can live your life! No one lives it for you and never will! It's time to be free of fear, worry and doubt. It's time to open those curtains and let happiness come into your heart and mind. It's time to make something for yourself. Come out of your comfort zone and start living your life, now. Let God's love fill your heart and share it with other people. Be silly, be amazing and be random and don't be afraid to of being rejected. People who reject you are selfish, prideful people who are unhappy about themselves and have no love and enjoy for life, for themselves and for others. Let go of doubt, fear and worry. These things rob us of happiness, joy and peace that God has given us from the moment of conception. Be yourself and not your mind! For who you are is a creation of God, an eternal soul living in human flesh. Strive for holiness, faith, hope, love and believe in it so that you can do all things through God who has given you these things and who gives you that strength that you need.



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