Om Swami exits house after Rohan slaps him :Bigg Boss 1
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Melodrama touches new levels inside the Bigg Boss as Rohan Mehra slaps Om Swamiji throughout an undertaking and shortly after, Swamiji exits the residence.

Manveer and Rohan are the contenders for the captaincy. Bigg Boss ask them to compete thru a flower-bed project. A mud bed is placed in the garden location and the duo is allocated two specific set of vegetation – Rohan (crimson) and Manveer (crimson). After the buzzer jewelry, Manveer and Rohan ought to plant the flora at the dust bed and cover it with their share of flora.

They're given two hours to cool it. while there are simply 10 mins left, Bigg Boss informs them. trying to ensure the opposite one does no longer win, Manveer and Rohan begin plucking every other’s flowers and throwing it out. Swamiji barges in and begins plucking Rohan’s flowers.

Manu, Gaurav, and different housemates ask him to stop however he keeps doing so. On repeating it for the second one time, Rohan receives agitated and slaps him.

While Rohan is disillusioned with the violence, he asks Bigg Boss to allow him to leave the display. He adds that he doesn't care about breaking the Rs 2-crore agreement with Bigg Boss makers and truly wants to depart.

At the same time as Rohan is upset with the violence, he asks Bigg Boss to let him depart the display. He provides that he would not care about breaking the Rs 2-crore settlement with Bigg Boss makers and truly wants to depart.

But it's miles Swamiji who has to go away the house soon. Will he come back again or is it very last this time? catch the drama at 10:30 pm weeknights on shades.



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