Today is birthday of West Bengal!

Abnormal it may sound, but the fact remains that on this day of 1947, after much hardship Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was able to influence the Bengal Legislature to include the Hindu part of Bengal within India!


Md Ali Jinnah very clearly said he will not settle for Bengal, if Calcutta is not given to Pakistan!
The entire Bengal & Assam were in the initial plan of demand for Pakistan! While our Communists found the demand for Pakistan very much justified, the Congress too was almost ready to gift entire Bengal to Pakistan, ignoring the interests of its huge Hindu population.
Calcutta, then the biggest & richest city of India was Jinnah's dream & all Muslims of Bengal were almost sure that it will be given to majority community, as it is their normal right!
Thanks to Dr. SP Mukherjee, for the first time in history, a capital city of a divided state was not given away to the majority.It went to the minority, I.e. to the Bengali Hindus who were a little more than 32% of the total population of undivided Bengal!
Dr. SP Mukherjee saved the lives & dignity of 5 crore Hindus by keeping the western part of Bengal with India!
Today, he is almost forgotten in Bengal. He is counted a communalist because he saved Hindus from the hands of death awaiting in Pakistan.I wonder what would have been done to Bengali Hindus if entire Bengal would have gone to Pakistan in 1947. It is simple.The same what Hindus faced in Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka in last 67 years. A gradual death and fast vanishing of existence. Never forget this date of history if you are a Bengali Hindu still living with grace in West Bengal.On this day our future entity was born as a result of hardwork of a towering leader - Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee !



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Thought of the day

“दूर से हमें आगे के सभी रास्ते बंद नजर आते हैं क्योंकि सफलता के रास्ते हमारे लिए तभी खुलते जब हम उसके बिल्कुल करीब पहुँच जाते है|”