Karenjit Kaur trailer: Sunny Leone’s boldest move ever is to tell her real story. Watch video
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Karenjit Kaur trailer shows how the girl-next-door Sunny Leone became an adult star and then a Bollywood actor. The film promises to be as bold, brave, non-judgemental and unabashed about Sunny’s life as she is.


Bollywood star Sunny Leone, who will soon be seen in her own biopic, has unveiled the biopic’s first trailer and it is already taking the internet by storm. Karenjit Kaur - The Untold Story trailer foreshadows the web series that will be aired on Zee5. The video opens with an anchor introducing Leone as “that which no Indian woman should be”. The video then shows glimpses of her early life - school, college and initial work assignments as an adult star. It promises to be as bold, brave, non-judgemental and unabashed about Sunny’s life as she is.
The show will revolve around the journey of Sunny, who was born Karenjit Kaur in a middle class Sikh family in Canada and will trace her transition from being a little girl to becoming an adult film actress and her subsequent rise in Bollywood.
Watch the trailer here:

While Sunny will play herself for the later part of her life, a South African actor has been finalised for the role of her husband, Daniel Webber. Rysa X plays Sunny’s younger version.



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