The way you walk reveals THIS about your personality

What your walking style reveals about your personality
Are you still under the impression that only the way you dress or the way you talk is what people judge you on? Then, it’s time you change your belief. According to studies based on human psychology and personality traits, your walking style reveals a lot about your personality. These studies also say that the way you walk, including speed, tells a lot about your personality traits. “A faster pace is linked to higher levels of conscientiousness, and openness, and lower levels of neuroticism,” revealed the researchers. So, what your gait tells about your personality, let’s find out.


The one who drags feet
THE ONE WHO DRAGS FEET: Quite annoying, right? A person who drags his/ her feet signifies lack of energy, sadness and lethargy. This kind of person is unable to detach himself/herself from worries and stressful life.
Thinking and walking
THINKING AND WALKING: These day-time dreamers are the ones who are lost in their thoughts. They don’t get distracted by noises or any type of distraction. While walking as well, they are lost in their own dream world, which reveals that they think a lot.
The cautious ones
THE CAUTIOUS ONES: It doesn’t mean that these people count steps while walking, but they are cautious about their surroundings. These people are tight-lipped, shy and try to stay aloof.
Walking with heavy stamping
WALKING WITH HEAVY STAMPING: People who press their feet hard on the ground while walking fall in this category. It's not because of their body weight that they step hard but due to their nature. These people can be of childish nature and have short temper.
The ones with strong lunging steps
THE ONES WITH STRONG LUNGING STEPS: These people are categorised as multi-taskers. They can efficiently work on a number of tasks at one go. These people expect others also to match their level and expectations.
The relaxed souls
THE RELAXED SOULS: These are the ones who walk slowly with soft steps. These people love to live their lives on their own conditions. They are relaxed and great-communicators and enjoy conversations while ambling. This is considered as one of the ideal walks.



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