4 reasons why you need to snack on chia seeds for weight loss
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Chia seeds are highly nutritious and come with an illustrious resume of health benefits. They also happen to be great a weight loss food!


Want to lose weight but can’t help your snacking habits? Well, if snacking is bae then chia seeds are here to your rescue. You can snack on them without having to worry about weight gain problems. In fact, eating chia seeds for weight loss is a brilliant idea. Here’s why: 
1. Chia seeds have a lot of fibre and minerals
Chia seeds are bursting with soluble fibre. Soluble fibre fills you up real quick, keeping you from feeling hungry. This rich fibre content also helps in reducing inflammation in the body and maintains a healthy digestive system. The seeds are also rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium and thus reduces insulin resistance.
2. Chia seeds can give you a burst of energy
Including chia seeds in your meals can help you supply your body with enough energy without overloading it with calories. This is the reason why chia seeds weight gain away.
3. Chia seeds are rich in protein
One of the major reasons why chia seeds are effective food for weight loss is that the protein content in these small seeds is really high. To shed weight, the golden dietary rule is to cut down on carbs and sugar and increase your protein intake. Of the many other nutrients, 14% of chia seeds is actually pure protein which when compared to other plants and seeds, is quite high.
4. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids
Chia seeds are also known to increase the omega-3 fatty acid levels in the body. They contain all the nine essential amino acids that the body requires. Omega-3 is considered to play an instrumental role in fastening the process of weight loss.
Studies suggest that the most ideal time to consume chia seed for weight loss is before the first and last meals of the day. And given the array of nutrients and health benefits they flaunt, it might not be a bad idea to begin or end your day with chia seeds.



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