Beginner To Advanced: Best Cardio Exercises To Do At Home To Stay Fit
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Staying active is one of the best ways to boost ones immunity and stay fit. As going outdoors is not advisable amid the rising Omicron cases, here are some easy to do cardio exercises that you can do at home. Cardiovascular exercise do not require a lot of equipment and can be very effective. Start from the beginner level and gradually move to more advanced exercises and workouts.


Beginner: Marching In Place
If you are a beginner, start slow by marching. It is an easy yet effective warm up. You can march faster or raise your knees higher to increase the intensity.
Beginner: Air Jump Rope
This is a simple jump without a skipping rope and is a great alternative to jogging in place. This is also a great warm up exercise.
Beginner: Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks is an easy yet effective cardiovascular exercise that can be done anywhere. You can increase the intensity as per your convenience.
Intermediate: Squat Jumps
Post warm up, start by squat jumps to increase the intensity of the exercise while working the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.
Intermediate: Lunges
Lunges are a great way to pump up your lower muscles. These help in strengthening legs and buttocks. You can add weights to increase intensity.


Intermediate: Stair Climb
You can incorporate stairs into your workout by going up and down a couple of times in one go. You can challenge yourself by increasing your speed.
Advanced : Lateral Shuffles
Target your core with by adding lateral shuffles to your workout. These will not only raise your heart rate but also challenge your core.
Advanced: Mountain Climbers
Try mountain climbers if you want to intensify your workout as they work the whole body. Start slow and then gradually increase pace.
Advanced: Burpees
Burpees is an extensive and an advanced full-body cardio workout. Understand the exercise well before trying it and start in smaller sets of 3-5.



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