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Here Is How Many Hours of Sleep You Need to Boost Your Mood, Maintain Good Health, and Have Enough Energy Throughout the Day!
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Sleep is not only a time when your body shuts off. While you sleep, your brain stays busy and prepares you for the following day.


Getting restorative sleep every night can improve your quality of life. It has an impact on your physical and mental health, vitality, creativity, immune system, heart and brain health, emotional balance, productivity, and your weight.
If you do not get enough restorative sleep, you will be unable to concentrate, think clearly, make decisions, communicate, create, learn and work at a level even close to your full potential.
But, if you address your sleep problems and make time to get the sleep you need every night, it will improve your overall health, productivity, and energy. It will reduce your risk of weight gain, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, and many other health problems.
The Amount of Sleep You Need Depends on Multiple Factors — Particularly Your Age. The Other Factors Include:
– Sleep quality. In case your sleep is often interrupted, it means that you aren’t getting restorative sleep. Remember that your sleep quality is just as significant as the quantity.
– Previous sleep deprivation. In case you are sleep deprived, then the amount of sleep you need elevates.
– Aging. As you get older, your sleeping patterns may change. If you sleep more lightly, the amount of sleep you need elevates.
– Pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the amount of sleep you need may increase.


Here’re The National Sleep Foundation’s Recommendations for the Amount of Sleep People Need:
– Seniors (over sixty-five years): seven to eight hours.
– Adults (twenty-six to sixty-four years): seven to nine hours.
– Young adults (eighteen to twenty five years): seven to nine hours.
– Teenagers (fourteen to seventeen years): eight to ten hours.
– School-aged kids (six to thirteen years): nine to eleven hours.
– Preschoolers (three to five years): ten to thirteen hours.
– Toddlers (one to two years): eleven to fourteen hours.
– Infants (four to eleven months): twelve to fifteen hours.
– Newborns (up to three months): fourteen to seventeen hours.
Even though these are The National Sleep Foundation’s recommendations for the amount of sleep people need, it is up to you to determine how many hours of sleep you need to boost your mood, maintain good health, and have enough energy throughout the day.



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