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I need money to keep my baby boy alive – Father appeals for aid for son’s treatment
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As a thirty-day old baby struggles for his life, his parents bank on the generosity of strangers to cover the staggering cost of treatment.


Around seven months back, when I told my daughters that they were soon going to have a sibling to play with, they were ecstatic. My younger daughter Kavya spent hours washing her favourite doll. “I made babu’s doll look brand new, papa”, she squeaked. It’s been over a month since my baby boy came into this world, but my daughters are yet to introduce themselves or their doll to their brother.
My name is Dhiraj Devda. I live in Andheri, Mumbai, with my mother, wife, and two daughters. I’m a cook, earning about Rs. 12,000 every month. On the night of October 16, my wife experienced mild contractions and her water broke partially. The next morning, we rushed to the hospital. My wife wasn’t due until December, so the turn of events was unexpected. There was a lot of water loss from her body by afternoon. Later reports showed an alarming position -- the baby had turned upside down. We were shocked when the doctors informed us that she would have to deliver right away and because it was premature we had to get her to a hospital that has an NICU. Finally, we admitted her at Nanavati Hospital in Vile Parle.
As soon as my wife went into the operation theatre, I was given a consent form that stated the conditions of admission. One of them required my choice on whether – in case of an emergency – my wife of my child should be saved first. I was terrified. I knew I wanted to save my wife but the thought of losing my unborn child made me cry before the operation even began. Those three hours were the most difficult hours of my life.
Thankfully, they both made it; though the doctor immediately informed me of complications with my son. My baby was just 1 kg at birth and had an underdeveloped respiration system, so his body had to be supported with CPAP.
For my baby to be healthy, he has to spend two more months within the four walls of the NICU. Each day spent here costs us Rs. 20,000. The doctors explained that these walls are like his mother’s womb for the next two months. I can’t possibly take him out of there - he won’t be able to survive. We’ve all been waiting for him to become a part of our lives. Apart from his mother, none of us have even held him yet. We’ve only seen him in pictures clicked on my wife’s phone. We’re struggling to pay the 11 lakh rupees that are required to as per hospital norms. Please help us pay for his treatment by donating to our fundraiser. We want to take him home.
There’s nothing more painful than seeing your own baby’s fragile frame being pierced with needles and breathing pipes. After his birth, he also had pneumonia because of which he needed regular injections. From his mother’s caring womb, he has come into a world full of painful needles and breathing pipes. I wish I could hold his hand and let him know that I’m there for him or at least comfort him. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to go even go near him. With your help in the form of donations, I can give my baby the treatment he requires and take him home.
My baby has gone through hell since he came into this world. Even as the whole country celebrated Children’s Day earlier this month, we were left hoping and praying for a miracle. After spending over Rs. 2 lakh, there’s barely anything left with us to support his treatment. I barely have finances left for the next 6 days. How will I manage to keep my son alive and breathing after that? I want to take my baby home - please help me out.



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