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Often vegetarian food is underrated and neglected when placed in juxtaposition with non-vegetarian food. But in this diverse country, we have a substantial share of the population who follow a vegetarian foodie lifestyle. Some follow it as a part of their religion or cultures while some as a choice. 


Creativity and innovation in cuisine have not been strikingly noticed in vegetarian cuisine. However, the tables have turned. Restaurants and food joints have shown up with veg menus ranging from the traditional one to the vegan options too.

We put forth the top 10 veg restaurants in Mumbai where you will be blown away with the offerings. It’s time to invest in your appetite and relish the vegetarian flavours to the fullest.
Andheri homes an exotic and magnificent veg restaurant in Mumbai that relish you with Indian and global cuisines. Have your pick from the interesting choices from Indian to Thai, Chinese, Mexican and Italian dishes. Hit the spot with your family and have your time munching on tossed paneer with some martini.
2.Burma Burma
Amidst a delectable Burmese ambience, Burma Burma is one of the scanty places in Mumbai which offer authentic Burmese veg cuisine. From the interesting tea menu, the black tea or Oolong teapot is a big not to be missed one. Do not forget the Burmese Falafel and Khao Suey.
3.Candy and Green
Clean, green and inviting, the ambience of Candy and Green nestled in Breach Candy resembles its menu or vice versa. You have your delicious, nutritious and wholesome picks from Jain, Keto, gluten-free and vegan diets. Try the healthy chaat as they say – The Kale Chip Chaat which we highly recommend.
4. Spesso Gourmet Kitchen
How about relishing vegetarian cuisine with your family or friends surrounded by pretty lighting and wooden furniture?
Sounds great, right? 
Spesso has its word for the lip-smacking Italian servings and the delicious Mexican and European offerings too. From the dessert, we have the best pick as the gooey chocolate cake. 
5.Relish – International Veg Cuisine
With the Italian cuisine dominating the menu, Relish never misses tantalizing your taste buds with a range of modern comfort food. With tangy and delightful dishes, the place deserves a big yes from our part.
Have the tangy Pasta in Paprika sauce with the range of finger-licking desserts here. 
6.The Belgian Waffle co
Honey or maple butter dripping from sweet, warm and yummy waffles is a sight of love. How can you not jump into such a dreamy platter served before you?
Having outlets spread across the city of Mumbai, this completely vegetarian chain serves fresh and delicious waffles for you to indulge into. 
7.Santé Spa Cuisine
Tucked in the midst of the Bandra Kurla Complex, this restaurant will let you have a guilt-free hearty meal. Even the pizza they serve is a healthy option to have. 
 Organic ingredients and yummy desserts ranging from vegan to gluten-free selections, Santé Spa Cuisine has plenty of offerings for you.


8.Quattro Ristorante
A place in Lower Parel Mumbai serving delicious Quesadilla which you will never forget is the Quattro Ristorante. From serving delicious Italian dishes to tantalizing Mexican cuisine, this place serves the best of all. In warm lighting and snug seating, have a great time with your loved ones.
9.Asian Street Kitchen
With a sophisticated environment and packed seating, this street kitchen surely makes you feel its name. Regardless of all this, the dumplings, Khao Suey and dim sums are worth the hassle here. Having our ballot are the crispy vegetables and the glass noodles. 
10.The Rolling Pin
To all the vegetarian dessert lovers, it’s time to forget the egg factor in the desserts. The Rolling Pin serves a wide range of eggless desserts in Mumbai which would otherwise get. With plenty of cakes varieties, fresh shakes, pancakes, waffles and desserts, we bet you’ll have the best desserts of all time here. 
Dig into the magnificence of vegetarian dishes and cuisine. These restaurants have fashioned the veg cuisine to gratify you with the captivating flavours, aroma and taste. Lose no time and hit these spots for exotic flavours and dishes. 



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