Rise of colourful burgers is the latest food trend to take over Mumbai
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Colorful burgers  Green, red, pink, and now, white  have taken social media by way of a typhoon. global meals chain Burger King added their all-black burger with black cheese and black sauce first in Japan in 2012. again domestic, Barcelos, a South African-based totally burger chain, delivered a white burger at their Delhi outlet multiple months ago. eating places within the town are now taking note of this trend. “The present day and rising fashion of giving a modern twist to old recipes are the in a component to do. The extra appealing a dish seems, the extra humans will want to order it. The use of different colorings additionally makes humans curious about the supply of the shade,” says Chingy Patel, chef, and co-owner of worldwide Chaos, fort, which serves assorted sliders in pink, green and black colors.

At the same time as Patel feels that those colorings, most effective upload to the “aesthetic attraction” of the dish, Aditya Gupta, owner, The Rolling Pin, lower Parel, believes that it slightly affects the taste too. The eating place serves a BBQ Paneer burger with buns that gather its color from charcoal. “The charcoal lends a crispy, burnt texture to the bun that makes it extra flavorful in comparison to the ordinary ones,” provides Gupta. So, if you wish to try those vibrant burgers, right here are some of the places we spotted them at within the town.
Li’l Burgerettes on the Little Door, Andheri (W)

Whether or not it’s meals or garments, who doesn’t love a splash of coloration?” says Tanu Narang, co-proprietor, The Little Door. The mini buns served here are covered with beetroot extracts and turmeric coconut, which gives the bread its purple and yellow color. they're full of potato and jalapeno patties. “aside from including a twist to the burger, the coating additionally makes the burgers ( Rs 243) more appetizing,” says Narang.

The dog Father (Rs 345) warm dog replaces the sausage with a bird kebab, which is sandwiched between an extended black bun. It acquires its shade from charcoal this is sourced from bamboo. “We not only desired to offer the burger an exclusive look, but also desired to have a few a laugh with the way the food was offered compared to the typical food observed at bars,” says Clyde D’Mello, corporate chef, Dishkiyaoon.

The assortment accommodates a Vegetarian Seitan Slider ( Rs 350) and Pulled bird Slider (Rs 350). The seitan patty (wheat gluten) is tossed in BBQ sauce and served on an inexperienced or crimson bun. The non-vegetarian version, made from slow-cooked brined hen, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw, is served on a black bun. while the pink and green buns get their shade from beetroot and spinach paste, respectively, the black one receives its hue from squid ink.

The crimson-colored buns, which are full of Kashmiri Rogan Josh gravy and a boneless lamb patty (Rs 279), get their color from beetroot extracts.

The black-colored buns (Rs 250) which are full of paneer gather their hue from fit to be eaten charcoal. “human beings are constantly up for trying something new. It’s fun to play around with dishes to feature an interesting twist to the meal,” says Gupta.



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