Top 5 Proteins Bars That Can Be Made At Home For Weight Loss
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Protein Diet: Trying to figure out what food to supplement your intense workout? Here are 5 protein bars that you can easily make at home, for the much needed protein boost.


Green tea bars provide maximum protein with minimum calories
  Easy to make cinnamon roll bars are ideal on-the-go protein bars
Cranberry almond bars can make you feel full
We're all looking for the ideal gym diet, for a little boost in the quest for becoming the fittest version of ourselves. We usually don't know what to rely on, which advice to pick out of the sea of opinions around us. Which salespersons are lying about the benefits of their product, and which products actually work? It's all a bit confusing. In times like these, its best that you prepare the meal that works best for you.
Top 5 protein bars that you can make at home:
1. Cranberry almond bars: This heavy protein bar of 312 calories, is capable of being a meal in itself. This easy to make 30 minute recipe, pools in almonds, dried cranberries, rice cereal, coconut flakes and chia or flax seeds, churned up using a paste of brown rice syrup, honey and vanilla. Once settled, your bar is ready to eat for that post workout craving.
2. Green tea fudge bars: Now, we already know that green tea is excellent for killing your food craving. So, when a protein bar comes in a green tea flavour, you just can't refuse. This bar has got the best protein to calories ratio, providing you with 15 g of protein per 130 kcal. Using roasted almond butter and almond milk, mix some vanilla brown rice, green tea powder, oat flour and salt. Add a little vanilla extract for the flavour. Put them in the freezer for 2-4 days, and there you have it, a healthy green tea protein bar.
3. Cinnamon roll protein bars: Full of dates, cinnamon, cashews, rolled oats and protein powder, this power packed protein bar is capable of providing you with the light meal with a heavy dose of protein all of you crave. With no sugar, and a whole lot of cinnamon and vanilla, your taste buds will go begging for more, while your blood sugar levels stay unaffected. It's also got a great 9 g serving of protein from the miserly 120 calories you consume per serving.


4. Peanut butter bars: Now, this is a treat. Full of creamy peanut butter, honey, rolled oats, flax seeds, ground cinnamon and maybe even some chocolate chips, this protein bar appeals to children and adults alike. While, this bar is certainly a high caloric affair, it packs a punch with the vanilla flavoured protein powder that you must add as you please. We suggest, around 2 scoops should do the trick
5. Lemon protein bars: Moving away from the all sweet combinations discussed till now. If you enjoy the pungent feeling of a lemon, these lemon bars, should be your go-to. Packed with almonds, coconut, maple syrup, lemon juice and chia seeds, churned up with some milk and eggs, this bar is a delight for all the citrus lovers. You can opt out of the eggs as well, it won't affect the bar too much. With 225 calories, 12 g of protein sure doesn't seem like a bad deal.



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