Do you feel sleepy post meals? Blame the proteins and salts in your food
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Meals high in protein and salt can promote sleep and lead to longer naps, claim researchers.

According to researchers, based in the US,at the Scripps studies Institute inside the united states, what we consume influences post-meal sleep and its period.
After checking out the intake of salt, sugar, and protein in fruit flies — insects used for their genetic similarities with humans — the scientists discovered that food with better ranges of protein and salt should promote sleep and result in longer naps.

They recognized a positive form of neuron — referred to as neurokinin neurons — that play a position in the submit-meal sleep mechanism. “A subset of neurokinin receptor (Ukr) neurons become important to provoke post-meal sleep within the presence of protein especially,” explains the first creator Keith Murphy.

Even as we expected that flies faulty in protein sensing would experience post-meal sleep in a similar manner to that fed handiest sucrose, we discovered instead that they'd a waking response. Our evaluation suggests that ingested protein promotes each sleep and wakefulness and that the wakefulness is counterbalanced by means of Lk neuronal hobby.

The research affords a place to begin for future paintings investigating the genes and circuits that link meal size, protein and salt to put up-meal sleep.
The take a look at became published in the journal eLife.



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