Top 8 Gym Equipment Brands in India
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An exercise center incorporates some elite presentation sports exercises that can have numerous goals and various valuable purposes. Individuals go to the exercise center to recuperate from an actual issue, to further develop their well being, to further develop their method of seeing, to put on weight and strength, to foster muscles or an athletic body.


There are various sorts of rec centers and relying upon the outcome we are searching for there will be the kind of activities that we would need to rehearse. Exercises and errands can be supplemented with machines, much more so today, where there is an extremely prosperous and progressively inventive industry inside the rec center and sports action.
While picking exercise center gear, regardless of whether for individual use or for proficient use, the best brands of machines are viewed as bookkeeping the two variables: quality and utility (incorporates all that is required from its activity). Simple Gym Software specialists have ordered this rundown subsequent to knowing the encounters of many rec center proprietors that utilization the product.
Following are some of the most popular and recommended brands in gym machinery:

-- Fitking Fitness & Health

-- Life Fitness

-- Sports Art

-- Being Strong

-- Fitline

-- KFS Fitness

-- Viva Fitness

-- Fitness World

Why choose brands of quality gym machines?
As in the remainder of things, quality brands offer those ensures that others can't. On account of rec center machines, quality is significantly more basic, since what is being put in danger is simply the body. On the off chance that we observe low quality hardware and issues, we are in danger of harming the body with preparing. Along these lines, regardless of whether it is a rec center or home exercise center set, great quality is an unquestionable requirement. On account of the best brands of machines, these proposition various choices, notwithstanding hardware intended for long work schedules and with various potential outcomes. Indeed, even the constructions and plans intended for exercise centers change, understanding the requirement for greater gear and bigger machines.
Best Gym Equipment Brands in India
Fitking Fitness & Health - Fitking Fitness & Health - Since 1995, We have purchased our vitality to the universe of wellness types of gear. In view of our effective experience, full grown group FITKING purchased all the more top of the line wellness items, including Motorized Treadmills, Bikes and Home Gyms. FITKING wellness types of gear is second to none in passing on the vitality and motivation that is felt by each one of the individuals who speak to our image.
Life Fitness – There are five different brands that are connected with the Life Fitness Family of Brands. The first is Life Fitness itself, and the other five are Hammer Strength, Indoor Cycling Group, SCIFIT and Brunswick. Out of these, Hammer Strength is most popular in the Indian market. It deals mainly in the plate loaded equipment such as bench and racks. While there are equipment in the Life Fitness brand focusing on boutique gyms and home fitness solutions, Hammer Strength is more oriented to larger gyms and fitness centres. Mrs. Shikha Gupta, Marketing Director of Gympac, is the sole distributors of Life Fitness in India.
Sports Art – It is a Taiwanese company that deals mainly in treadmills, ellipticals, cycles and other general gym equipment such as plate-loaded and dumbbells. It is one of the leading companies in the fitness equipment industry. The brand signifies green and environmentally sustainable technology in making its sports products. That is why it chose to call itself a Green Fitness Company. The name is justified in its ECO-POWR™ products that send back the energy generated from the workout back to the grid or inverter outlet to which it is connected.
Being Strong – It is a very popular fitness equipment provider in India since the brand is highly promoted by the brand ambassador of the company – Salman Khan whose fan following is huge and who is also famous for his fitness and stud image in the country. He is not only the brand ambassador but also the founder of the company.
Though it has many products for gym chains and centers, there are many people who look for a being human cycle for their home usage. Being Strong is now looking to dominate the market after acquiring the manufacturing rights of Jerai Fitness Pvt. Ltd which was the largest manufacturer and exporter of India.
Fitline – The brand has its presence in the industry for more than two decades. There are around 200 different kinds of products that you can explore through on their website. The products are high in quality and a bit less expensive than the ones you get from the above-listed brands but more expensive than what you can get from your local brands.


KFS Fitness – KavyaFitness Solutions has a good range of bikes and treadmills. Other than these, it deals mainly in fitness machines that are used by gyms and fitness clubs.
It started its operations in gym equipment manufacturing just about four years ago and under the leadership of Mr Akash Dubey (director) has been able to achieve an honourable name in gym equipment manufactures in India.
viva fitness equipments Viva Fitness – It is a premium brand for both domestic and commercial fitness equipment in India. It mainly deals in cardio equipment and has a considerable share of the market in this domain. It also has partnerships with many other equipment and gym accessories providers. Thus, it aims to create uniform solutions for gyms and fitness centres so that they do not have to turn to anyone else for anything they need for their gyms.
Fitness World – They have the largest showroom space in Delhi/NCR, where they have displayed more than 600 different products. The company does not only focus on making good quality products but also helping or partnering with gym owners in gym setup and installing equipment in their gyms in India.
It started in 1993 with one product called slimming machine. The range of the products grew with time. It made business alliances with American fitness equipment manufacturers including Nautilus, Woodway USA and Water Rover to bring high-end products in their sales charts.



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