We Found A Place That Serves Old Monk Biryani And Chicken Poha In Pune
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To the point: Old school Indian cuisine has some loyal fan lineage, but how about we tell you that you can eat Biryani with Old Monk in it, blend Parfait with Gajar ka halwa and spoon chicken in Poha? Okay, we’re not buffoon-ing you! This is TRUE, we have spotted a place that has some real fun and trippy fusion dishes to make you rethink your food choices.


Ecstasy Lounge is a huge place hidden uphill near MIT College, the place opened for public in February 2019 and had us bowled over with the quirky menu. It can house over 50 pax and has a varied menu in terms of a mix of cuisines. A true-blue Punekar swears on having kanda Poha with sev and maybe a dash of lemon with this breakfast. But, Puneri peeps, we got you a dish that may caress the flip side in you, kande pohe with chicken rassa, lovingly known as Bhujing. We solemnly state that it was the best avatar of Pohe we tried! On top of the coconut based meat gravy, Poha was liberally sitting over the gravy with the popular sev sprinkled over it. The sight itself was drool-worthy and the taste was superb. The boneless chicken pieces are soft, and the pohe gives a masala twist and the crunch of the sev adds the fun.  
Next, the Bevdi Biryani had our heart, with rich long basmati biryani marinated in a thunderstorm of masalas and unforgettable aroma. The biryani is cooked with Old Monk in it, that is a double bonanza – biryani and alcohol, suddenly, the world seems fair and happy! Carpe Diem kind of a mode. The biryani is a hit and we advocate for you to try it. 


Third, is the cousin with an American accent, apna Gajar Halwa Parfait (Layered gajar halwa and kalanda). The dessert was adequately sweet and had layers of gajar ka halwa and kalakand! Ditch the usual, as the change is the only constant.  
Where: Sharao Lawns, Rambaug Colony, Near MIT College, Paud Road
When: Noon to 12.30 am
Price: Rs 199 onwards
Contact: 9923423111



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