$2.5 mn set for Zimbabwe President's 93rd birthday bash

Harare: The decision gathering of Zimbabwe is supposedly hoping to spend some $2.5 million on President Robert Mugabe`s 93rd birthday festivity on February 21, a media report said on Wednesday.

"Each of the ten territories is relied upon to raise $2.5 million towards."

"They hope to raise it through common structures, people, privately owned businesses, parastatals and neighborhood experts," Zanu PF party authorities said.

Be that as it may, restriction parties have assaulted Mugabe for squandering cash on unrestrained party while "93 percent of Zimbabweans are suffering from neediness created by his inadequacy and mismanagement", NewZimbabwe.com announced.

Restriction parties said they are not amazed in regards to the gigantic spending plan on the grounds that Mugabe dependably "had an affinity for iniquity and inefficiency".

Development for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) national representative Obert Gutu said Mugabe and the Zanu-Patriotic Front (PF) administration "have a sinister craving for seeing the lion's share of Zimbabweans live in miserable destitution and penury".

"Simply envision what the total of $2.5 million can do in purchasing rare medications and different solutions for our open healing centers.

"That measure of cash ought to be occupied to the Department of Social Welfare where it can be utilized to purchase sustenance and different fundamentals that are gravely required by poor people and underestimated individuals in our nation.

"Zimbabwe needs preferred initiative over what we are seeing from these individuals," Gutu included.

MDC-T party representative Kurauone Chihwayi stated: "An ordinary pioneer can't be so careless and luxurious to the degree of attacking state endeavors to commend his own birthday while millions are starving".

"Our kindred subjects ought to blacklist Mugabe birthday festivities in challenge of the man-made emergency and extreme plundering of state assets by the Zanu PF organization."

$2.5 mn set for Zimbabwe President

$2.5 mn set for Zimbabwe President's 93rd birthday bash



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