‘Mastermind’ of Bangladesh cafe attack killed: Dhaka police
Updated: Friday, January 06, 2017

An Islamist fanatic blamed for being one of the driving forces of a year ago's destructive attack at a Bangladeshi cafe was killed amid a pre-down raid Friday  in the capital Dhaka, police said.

The bodies of Nurul Islam Marzan and another presumed fanatic were found after officers raided a property in Dhaka's Rayer Bazar neighborhood, a representative for the Dhaka Metropolitan Police told AFP.

"We discovered two bodies. One of them was Marzan and another was a presumed fanatic," extra representative chief Yusuf Ali told AFP, including that it was not yet clear whether whether Marzan died in a gunfight or committed suicide.

Ali said that Marzan, who was matured around 30, was “one of the masterminds” of the attack at the upmarket Holey Artisan Bakery on July 1 a year ago in which 18 remote prisoners were shot or hacked to death.

The Islamic State association guaranteed obligation regarding the bistro assault, posting pictures of the savagery as it happened and photographs of the shooters who had postured with the IS's dark banner.

In any case, Bangladesh police dismisses the claim, rather accusing another branch of the Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), a homegrown activist outfit established in 1998, for the attack.

Bangladesh powers have blamed a similar gathering for being behind a flood of killings of religious minorities, nonnatives and rights activists.

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