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'True Love': Viral Video Shows Elephant 'Proposing' To Lover With Flowers, People Call It 'Romantic'

The list of 'best ever proposals' is a long one, but we already have a winner. And, it's not who you think. 


A video is going viral showing an elephant proposing to the female elephant and it's the best thing you will see on the internet. 
What humans can do, elephants can do better!  To no one's surprise, the clip is adorable and people are people can get over the cute couple. 
In the video, the elephant can be seen holding a bundle of pink flowers in his trunk. By the looks of it, the tusker is ready to pop the question. Who said old romance is dead?. The elephant, then, reaches out to his lover and proposes to her. Whatever the real reason to show up with the flowers, the internet is convinced that it is a proposal. 
Interestingly, the female elephant accepts the proposal very lovingly. If you need some lessons on proposing and keeping it simplistic, this should definitely help. 
The video has been shared on Instagram by a page, elephantsofworld. The clip has received more than one lakh likes and many comments.  
"Elephants are such intelligent & beautiful beasts," one user said. 
"Wow! This is absolutely romantic," another added. 


 "Awe! With the little trunk flourish at the end! So thoughtful," the third user added. 
"I need a proposal like this even if it's from an elephant," another user commented.
"True love. This is wholesome," said another. 
In an unrelated incident, a video recently went viral showing an elephant with a bob-cut getting its hair combed. 
In the clip, the elephant can be seen getting its hair combed by its mahout. The tusker had bob-cut hair and it appeared he was quite enjoying the saloon treatment. It also had a large ‘tilak’ on its forehead. 
To the elephant's credit, it even bent down on its legs to make it easy for the mahout to comb its hair.   
The video is reportedly from Thekkampatti village in Coimbatore. 



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