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10 Main Differences Between The Habits Of Rich & Poor People

1. Have a goal, Not a wish.
Stop dreaming and start acting. Rich people believe in a plan of action. If you want to be successful, set a goal, and work hard to achieve it.



2. They Do Not Wait For A Jackpot.
A successful person does not gamble regularly and doesn’t wait around hoping to win the lottery. They believe in hard work and hard work only. They rely on themselves, not on a fortune that isn’t a sure thing.
3. Successful People Avoid Gossiping.
Successful people have a habit of not saying anything behind the backs of others. They know how damaging gossips can be for one’s professional relation and growth.
4. Don’t’ Be Quick To Say No.
Be patient and open to new ideas. Before saying no to any and every proposal you get in a day, evaluate it first. And only after thinking it through, take an action on it.
5. Be Well Read.
Bill Gates says he reads 50 books a year and it gives him a huge advantage.  11% of rich people and 79% of poor people read for entertainment. So make sure what you are reading is more informative.
6. Successful People Do Not Show-Off.
Really wealthy are normally not the ones who wear the most expensive clothes. They don’t buy flashy cars and latest bags. Your neighbor could be a billionaire, but you will never know about it.
7. Wear The Best Smile.
62% of rich people floss every day compared to only 16% of poor people. The smile is one of the first things that we notice in a person. It can spoil your whole image if you have bad breath and yellow teeth.


8. Do Not Make Taking Debt A Habit.
Wealthy stay away from debt. If they need to buy something, they would rather save money for it and pay with cash.
9. Sharing is the sign of a rich mind.
Donations, charity, and gifts to friends and relatives are not just a sign of a good heart, but also of a wealthy life.  79% of the rich have volunteered for charities. They made a habit out of giving their time, money, and expertise.
10. Rich & Successful are Team Builders.
Successful people know their shortcomings and never hesitate to delegate the work to the right person. That is how they grow.



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