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12 Everyday Things That Are Banned Abroad But Not In India

In India there is too much stuff which has been banned. And this movement is getting large day by day. But there are some things which are used in India and banned in abroad.  This things comes into the light due to media.


Let’s have a look on this stuff
As we know about lifebuoy soup which is used in a large quantity in India and people see the advertisement of the lifebuoy on TV. But this soup is considered very bad for the skin of animal in foreign countries. But in India the bulk of soap has been manufactured in India and sold out and openly used on a daily basis for human bath.
Red bull
A energy drink in India used as a sign of luxurious drink. But in France and Denmark and Lithuania it is totally banned for the kids who are under the 18 because the research of this drink has been disclose that it is prohibited for the heart depression and hypertension and convulsion.
In India when a person got headache it is used as a first aid to cure the headache or pain. And every one try to keep it in his medicine box but it is banned out of India.
There are more than 60 pesticides which has not been used in out of India because of that it creates the health problem when we eat grains and vegetable on which they are sprayed.
Unpasteurized milk
This milk has been banned in USA and Canada due to the presence of harm germs and microbes because of it creates the health problem but in India it is used openly.
Jelly Sweets
Jelly sweet is banned for the use of the kids due to choking hazards in USA, Canada and Australia. But in India it is used openly for the kids and so many choking cases has been reported but nonetheless.
Samosa was banned in Somalia. jihadist says that samosa is used by Christian so it must not to eat. 


Kinder Surprise
Kinder surprise is used by kids it’s a colorful egg case. It is banned in America. Due to having the toy inside in this case, it is choking hazards.
Tata Nano
Nano is banned in many countries due to injuries. This car has been occupant life threatening risk. Our low price vehicle independent crash test conducted by Global NCAP.
Maruti Suzuki 800
Maruti Suzuki  has been failed whole string of safety test and due to guidelines. So due to risk life threatening it is banned in many countries but in India it is loved one car for the citizen .
Dcold Total
Dcold total is an another medicine which is banned in many countries due to it effects the kidneys. But in India it is used frequently in cold and flu.
It is also banned in USA Austrlia and Canada due to effects on Liver.



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