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14-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Excluded From School For 'Being Too Hot'

You must have heard of cases where students were expelled/suspended/excluded from school for being misbehaved or for not following rules. A girl was apparently excluded from the school for ‘being too hot’. At Least that is what her mother claims.


To be clear, 'being hot' means 'feeling hot', in this context. 
Kelly Shann has called out Sirus Academy North in Hull, England for giving a day exclusion to her daughter 14-year-old Summer Burkitt, for taking her blazer off. The mother has called the action, ‘pathetic’. The  mother is upset more because her daughter begins year 10 - her vital first GCSE year.
Talking about the ridiculous uniform rules students have to adhere to, Ms Shann reportedly said, "My daughter has been excluded from school just for the day because she took her blazer off for being too hot. What would they rather, sit there and do the work or not? I don't see the problem with having their blazer off if they are working.”
She further said, "I said I won't be sending her home. It's absolutely pathetic. I agree there should be rules but sometimes it feels hot and you can't get your work done. She's not been excluded for not putting it on, she's been excluded for being defiant, that's what they are saying. It's ridiculous the rules these schools have now. They're just excluding them for stupid things."
The one day exclusion will be reportedly  followed up by a "reintegration meeting" at the school when Summer returns. 
Some staff at Sirius North said that there is "high expectation" of how their students should behave and dress.



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