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16-year-old German girl who joined Islamic State 'Just want to go home' : Reports

BERLIN - A German teenager who joined Islamic State is presently being held in detainment in Iraq and says she laments joining the jihadist group and simply needs to return home to her family, media wrote about Sunday.

Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday that four German women's who joined Islamic State in recent years, including a 16-year-old young girl from the residential community of Pulsnitz close Dresden, are being held in an Iraqi jail and getting consular help.

Lorenz Haase, the senior open prosecutor in Dresden, said he could affirm the young person, named just as Linda W., had been "found and recognized in Iraq" and was getting consular help, however, couldn't state anything on her correct conditions.

German broadcasters NDR and WDR and daily paper Sueddeutsche Zeitung said they had talked with Linda W. in the hospital of a military complex in Baghdad and she disclosed to them she needed to clear out.

"I simply need to make tracks in an opposite direction from here," she was cited as saying. "I need to make tracks in an opposite direction from the war, from the numerous weapons, from the commotion."

She included: "I simply need to go home to my family."

The media outlets said the young person had revealed to them she lamented joining IS, needed to be removed to Germany and would coordinate with experts.

They said the young girl had a discharge twisted to her left side thigh and another damage on her correct knee that she said was caused amid a helicopter assault.

"I`m doing great," she said.

German prosecutors said a week ago they were checking reports that a 16-year-old under scrutiny for supporting Islamic State was among five women's captured in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where Iraqi strengths proclaimed triumph over Islamic State not long ago.

German specialists have been exploring a high school young girl who disappeared from Pulsnitz the previous summer for charged contacts with the jihadist group about preparing a possible act of terrorism.

On Tuesday Haase said the young girl had headed out to Turkey about a year prior with the obvious objective of achieving Iraq or Syria and security authorities had later lost her trail, however new confirmation had since developed for the situation.

16-year-old German girl who joined Islamic State

16-year-old German girl who joined Islamic State 'Just want to go home' : Reports



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