National Kabaddi player Shanti Devi sells vegetables

Former National Champion from Bihar's Kabbadi Team, Shanti Devi represent  Bihar team in more than 10 national competitions.

Her ability in the diversion was to such an extent that she was made the skipper of the national Kabbadi team in 1983 and 1984 and under her captaincy Bihar won a Silver in the Guwahati National Games.

Presently more than two decades later, Shanti has stopped the world of sports as well as abandoned the expectation that the administration could ever help her.

Her tumble from the universe of Kabaddi hit her hard as the game neglected to give her any employment as well as neglected to give her any methods by which she could sustain her family.

More than two decades on, Shanti now sells vegetables at a neighborhood showcase in Jamshedpur, her accomplishment, and awards lying overlooked toward the side of her home.

To exacerbate the situation, the legislature and government officials throughout the years neglected to enable her, as well as many to have quite recently utilized her name and acclaim make false guarantees amid races, and after that abandon her to her predicament, totally overlooking her.

In 2014, India saw the dispatch of its first since forever Pro-Kabbadi League. Throughout the weeks, Kabbadi overwhelmed the nation and many, including celebs, were left awestruck by the quick paced amusement.

National Kabaddi player Shanti Devi sells vegetables

National Kabaddi player Shanti Devi sells vegetables




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