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6 Top Brands Who Never Advertise And Are Still Ridiculously Famous

What according to you is the best way to promote your brand? For most of you, it’s the same old traditional way of advertising with big hoardings and moving vehicles. But, what if you were told that there are companies who don’t believe in this lucrative advertising of their brand?


Interesting, isn’t it? Brands like Apple, Coke, Nike, etc. have time and again mesmerized the common mass with their creative and strong advertisements. Whereas, there are companies who without the help of such advertisements have made sales of billion dollars.
Here is a list of 6 such brands who believe in the concept of ‘Good things need not be talked about’ –
Spending only about 0.3% of sales on advertising, ZARA has become is one of the most sought-after apparel’s brands especially for its exclusive products. The brand’s scarcity effect of its products has been able to create a sense of urgency to buy its products.
The deviation from the traditional marketing route has only brought ZARA to what it is today.
2. Rolls Royce
Wonder if anyone has ever heard, Rolls Royce, making advertisements aloud to the people? Still, everyone knows about the British luxury automobile maker brand. The brand reaps the benefits from its reputation among its wealthy clientele.
Just saying, the brand beat a 107-year-old sales record without any traditional ads.
3. Shahnaz Husain
With the marketing strategy as “the best advertisement is when the public says it’s good”, Shahnaz has always marketed on the basis of its unparalleled range of quality products, without spending much on traditional media.
Today, the best quality Ayurveda cosmetic products have been a preferred choice for most Indian women.
4. Tupperware (India Market)
Ever since Earl Tupper discovered the magic of “home parties” and the birth of its marketing strategy, the brand is known for its plastic wares, despite not coming out with a single commercial.
The brand’s only strategy was to demonstrate their prospective clients about the product benefits in women-only parties.


5. Naturals Ice Cream
Who doesn’t know about Naturals Ice Cream? The ice cream brand is known for its products made of “sugar, milk, fruit and nothing else”. Their products are all healthy and free of preservatives.
This brand has never advertised and only relied on word of mouth which has led them to a market share of over 10% now.
6. Krispy Kreme
Who advertises doughnuts? Even Krispy Kreme is with you in this regard.
The brand has never spent huge amounts on traditional media and relies majorly on word-of-mouth. They rather believe in investing in digital, apps, social and their employees.
These brands beautifully emanate that showing off is not always the only way to promote your company. One needs to have a good strategy to prosper in the market. Quality is the main key to success irrespective of the field. Quality of a brand’s product helps in mouth-of-word effect. Thus, all brands should focus on spending money on the quality of the product rather than advertising.



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