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7 Customer Psychological Effects That All Salesman Should Know

7 Customer Psychological Effects That All Salesman Should Know


1. Remember the customer's identity carefully
Psychologists say that when people hear others call their name, each person's psyche will produce a kind of happiness and satisfaction. In sales, employees can use this tool to dissipate anxiety, as well as calm the opposite opinions between two parties; and at the same time prove to your guests that you are different from the rest. This not only helps build social relationships, but also expands sales. To be able to remember a large number of customer names, make a note of people's names with characteristics, hobbies and interests appear on the back of their business card. Moreover, repeating a person's name over and over again has the effect of enhancing memory.
2. Use emotions to negotiate with customers
A sincere and dedicated service attitude will make customers feel touched and melt their coldness. Currently on the market, all products have similar designs and quality, so customer service is becoming more and more important in business. It becomes the first issue that concerns customers when comparing products. Engaging with customers, making them appreciate your products depends greatly on whether you give them a sincere service attitude or not.
3. Tackling customers' fear of being wrong
We often say "You don’t know how valuable something is until you lose it.". That is the feeling of lack. The less chance there is to acquire something, the more its value becomes apparent. When sellers use a “limited quantity” strategy, for example, “our products are limited in quantity. and are best selling,” will help drive the customer shopping process. When employees discover that a customer is interested in a product, don't forget to remind them, “This is our company's new product, and this set is the last one. If you don't buy it this time, you will definitely regret it." The less the opportunity to own the product, the more important it is to the customer.
4. People are more important than products
Sales is a very meticulous job. It is not simply a transaction between a seller and a buyer; but it also needs you to invest time in customer service; Use your sincerity and personality to appeal to them. There are customers who choose your products not because they are better than others, but because you know how to organize their work better than others, making them more comfortable and pleasant. Personal branding is the best way to bring back loyal customers. Before selling, sell your brand.


5. Change mindset to attract customers
We often split apples with a habit of chopping them vertically. So what if we cut sideways? It can be a fresh experiment with unconventional thinking. Things that go against common sense can be considered the foundation of creativity, and at the same time create the premise of development. Selling is art. We are often attracted to thinking that goes against the rules. If you know how to apply those new thoughts to the sales process, attracting customers is not difficult.
6. Stand from the customer's perspective to see the problem
Sometimes customers themselves don't know what problems they face and how to solve them. Therefore, sales staff must stand on the customer's point of view to consider and help them come up with optimal solutions. The most practical way is to come up with a plan that can increase the product value and reduce the amount of money spent. pay. Do not calculate too detailed, but think further to make the relationship stronger. Thereby making the customer's mind comfortable, willing to cooperate with you for a long time.
7. Use affection to retain old customers
Retaining an existing customer is much easier than finding a new one. Therefore, you should build and strengthen customer loyalty with your honesty, positive attitude, and sincerity to help them solve their dilemmas.



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