8 Style “Mistakes” Fashion Girls Notice

Much like fame, fashion is also very fickle. What’s trending in the morning is outdated by the time the sun sets, and what you might consider passé often becomes the leading trend on the fashion ramps across the world. It takes years of experience and expertise to predict where the fashion dice would roll next.


Most of us who are spectators of the glamorous world of fashion are often unaware of these fast-changing rules of the game. We wear what we like and feel comfortable in. In doing so, we often become guilty of holding on to a trend for far too long or following a trend which doesn’t suit us. However, like all other mistakes, we can also learn something from these fashion faux pas. To find out more about these faux pas which are likely to land us in trouble with the fashion police and think of ways to avoid them, we did a thorough research by poring over various fashion blogs and columns.
For the larger benefit of our fashion-conscious readers, I have compiled our findings into this handy list of fashion mistakes that get noticed by the fashion folk. Read on to find out more.
1. Following “Fashion” Rules
Yes, this is something we all are guilty of doing and this is exactly what lands us in trouble. You might have read somewhere that horizontal stripes make you look wide or that too many prints can confuse the whole outfit and since then you have followed that fashion “rule” diligently like an obedient school girl. I am afraid, doing so has been limiting your fashion possibilities. These fashion rules are supposed to act as guidelines to help you pull your look together. In fact, if you want to look hip and original you might consider breaking them every once in a while.
2. Copying Blindly
I agree that when you see those statuesque models parading the perfect apparels in magazines and fashion shows, it doesn’t seem like they can be paired in a better way. However, this is a mistake. All those outfits that seem perfect on those models are not meant to emphasize your personal style and compliment your attributes, so copying them blindly doesn’t help your case. Instead, you should choose elements that work for you and incorporate them in your outfits.
3. Accessorizing As An Afterthought
A lot of us don’t pay much attention to how we accessorize an outfit. We often put on some earrings or necklace just as we are rushing out the door. This is a huge fashion blunder. Your accessories function as invisible threads which pull your whole outfit together, so it makes sense to put some care and thought into choosing them.
They are also a medium of conveying your unique style so you should actually think of them as crucial elements of your outfit.
4. Thinking Of Trends As Hard-Set Rules
So what if the maroon and bottle green are this year’s fall colors, if you don’t like them or if you think they don’t suit you then you don’t have to wear them. Fashion is the language in which you convey your own style and personality. Always exercise your imagination when following a trend. There’s no rule against doing so.
5. Ignoring The Details
Even the most sophisticated of looks can’t save your fall from fashion’s grace if you haven’t paid attention to details like visible seams of undergarments or frayed edges of your jeans. As they say, the devil is really in the details. No matter how simple or complicated your outfit is, if you want to get it right pay attention to these details.


6. Forsaking Comfort For Fashion
It doesn’t matter how fabulous your outfit is if you aren’t comfortable in it. If you are constantly tugging at the hem of your dress or skirt or adjusting the neck of your blouse, you won’t appear confident and that will spoil your entire look. Instead, choose outfits that you are comfortable in. Even a simple T-shirt and jeans combo can make you stand out if carried in the right manner.
7. Associating Brands With Style
A lot of us often confuse style with expensive brands. We put together a bunch of hi-fashion pieces thinking it enhances our sartorial quotient. However, nothing could be farther from that. These shortcuts don’t work, one has to carefully select the pieces that work together and are also uniquely personal in order to be considered a fashionista.
8. Wearing Killer Heels
Wearing heels was a prerequisite on the ramp where the models had to appear taller than average human beings in order to properly display the outfits. Over the years, this fact became twisted to mean that all fashion conscious women have to wear heels.
If you are also one of those who think along the same lines, you are gravely mistaken. You don’t have to sacrifice your feet in order to look good, one can also look quite good in more comfortable choices such as oxfords, brogues or flats. You only need to make sure that they work with your whole look.
Hope we were able to dispel your fashion myths with this handy list of ours. The next time you want to put together your OOTD just take care not to repeat these fashion faux pas.



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