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  • A tea stall in Pakistan has IAF pilot Abhinandan's photo with a special message
A tea stall in Pakistan has IAF pilot Abhinandan's photo with a special message

The message on the tea stall reads “Aisi chai ki dushman ko bhi dost banaye” written in Urdu


Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s heroics have not only been lauded in India but also in Pakistan. A photo of a tea stall somewhere in Pakistan with the pilot’s picture on the banner has gone viral on social media. What’s more special is the message on the banner that is winning hearts across social media platforms.
A tea seller in a bid to boost his business put up a banner with Varthaman’s photo on it. The photo has a special message which reads “Aisi chai ki dushman ko bhi dost banaye” written in Urdu. The text translates to 'A Tea so fine, it makes even an enemy a friend.' The photo has gone viral on social media and garnered a lot of attention to the tea seller’s marketing skills.


The picture on the banner is from one of the videos released after the Indian pilot was held captive in Pakistan. Varthaman was flying a MiG-21 Bison when the jet was shot down and he landed on the other side of the border during the aerial combat on February 27. The Wing Commander was released after two days and since then has inspired people to create fan arts and poems on his heroics. Varthaman continues to be a sensation in India and political parties have been using his picture on party banners. The Election Commission has asked Facebook to remove such political posters with the pilot’s face and even warned political parties to stop referencing armed forces for political gains.



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