Be Brave and Believe in Hard Work

By becoming fatalist do not put your life to misery. It is not good to blame circumstances. Be brave and believe in hard work. Lazy people generally offer strange excuses e.g., a fellow came upon a person sitting under the tree and advised him to work and earn rather than wasting time. The man asked what the work would bring to him. The advising fellow said that money would flow to him. 


The man asked what the money would bring to him. The man advised him to construct a large house with that money. What the house would bring to him, the fellow asked. Put up a large factory and even more money would flow to him and you would enjoy life, sleep well and rest well. The man said why to go through all this hell. I am already enjoying and resting sitting under the tree. Such a person is fed by fatalism. It is the greatest misfortune that such people have not only destroyed themselves but also have brought disgrace to their nation.
Destiny is the Consequence of Your Deeds:
Fate or destiny, or whatever you may say, is also the consequence of your deeds. Whatever deed you had done in the previous life, their results are available in the present life. However, some of the rewards you get after some time and some you get instantaneously. It is well known that some plants get their fruitation after three years and some deliver the fruits in the very first year. You put your hand into the fire, the result would be spontaneous. There are some diseases which remain in the family for seven generations. Good actions also go as far as seven years. Kindle the fire of resolution within yourself and try successfully to eliminate misfortune through good actions, behaviour and conduct.
God tells us to get rid of bad habits and try to enjoy the blessings of life for hundreds of years. In other words, you become the architect of your own fate. Create your own heaven. Become worthy. I have an unending treasure of life, which I shall endow you with. Accept the blessings of God and be a partner in the creation of good fortunes for yourself. Decorate your life with heavenly blessings.
Stay within the World, do not get Entangled with it:


Lord Krishna is such a guru who does not ask us to go away from the world but to understand the world while still being within the world. That is why I have also been saying: “Stay within the world, do not get entangled with the world. It is good to live in rather to get entangled with it.” Running away from it is not good. It is better to be awake and get awakened. By being awake, all problems get solved.
By being awake all the treatments are possible, that is why begin from here, begin to wake up, understand the problems and their origins, be aware of your strengths, analyse which are the sources of problems; where are the seeds of worry, and when you know the point of problems then begin to dig into it with the needle of your wisdom and remove it with your strengths and energies. Try to remove it with all your might and wisdom.



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