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DNA Edit: Kiki, don’t fall for it! - The challenge can land one in hospital

Though not as deadly as the Blue Whale Challenge, the Kiki challenge does have the potential to cause damage to the limbs of the gullible. Those still clueless about who or what Kiki stands for and what sort of challenge it poses to teenagers, it’s time to return to the basics.


The challenge that has gone viral is inspired by Canadian rapper Drake’s song ‘Kiki, do you love me’. Also called the ‘In my Feelings Challenge’, a person has to dance to the first few lines of Drake’s track along a moving car and then jump back into the car.
The car should of course be slow-moving, and the stunt must be performed on road in the middle of traffic. Thrill-seekers can go to any extent for their adrenaline rush, however brash or negligent the moves might be, but the police aren’t amused by this latest challenge.
The Internet is flooded with videos of this challenge, which makes the law-enforcer’s job all the more difficult. Right now cops in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, UP and Jaipur are cautioning people against falling for the trend. They have adopted wit and sarcasm to get the cautionary message across.


The videos, particularly, make the challenge look so easy that one might be tempted to give it a shot. The other person who can be called a joint harbinger of this trend is Internet comedian Shiggy who has a massive fan-following in the virtual world.
The Kiki challenge is fraught with risks: it can land someone in jail or in a hospital. In Abu Dhabi, the administrators have taken a stern attitude to this sort of delinquency – its public prosecution has warned people that the Kiki challenge is punishable with imprisonment, fine or both.



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