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Dubai Police Fines British Tourist Rs 30 Lakh for Driving a Lamborghini Huracan Too Fast

The supercar rental agency has confiscated the passport of British Citizen who is in possession of the Lamborghini Huracan.


Dubai, the land of dunes and skyscrapers is home to some of the most exotic supercars in the world. Every street you go, you find one or the other supercar challenging each other – who has the better one! Even the Dubai Police Fleet is full of exotic, ultra high-speed vehicles like Bugatti, Lamborghini and what not. But behind all these good roads and exotic cars are some of the most strict traffic laws that make sure no one misuse the power beneath the hood of these fast machines. 
A 25-year-old British Tourist learned about the strict Dubai Traffic Laws the hard way! The Britisher rented a Lamborghini Huracan Supercar for two days by paying $1600 (Rs 100000) to roam around the beautifully crafted roads in Dubai. However, on the second day with Huracan, he went on a spin early morning, without realizing he is under the eyes of the extensive speed cameras of Dubai.
As per a report, the Lamborghini driver was fined for overspeeding between 2:31 AM and 6:26 AM on July 31. He was driving between 125 and 230 kmph on two stretches of road — 32 times on Sheikh Zayed Road and once on Garn Al Sabkha Road. That's nearly twice the legal limit in some areas. 
He amounted a fine amount more than $47,000 (Rs 31 Lakh) in less than four hours, a never heard before amount for Dubai Police themselves. The Police immediately dispatched the fines to the registered owner, given the severity of the case. Registered to Saeed Ali Rent a Car, the rental agency confiscated his passport, which was kept as a guarantee. 
Since the tourist denied giving fines, and rental agency had his passport, he's still in possession of the supercar. The rental company later filed a motion for a travel ban, which was denied. Now the agency has contacted the British embassy, letting the embassy know that the passport is in their possession in case the tourist claims it's lost.



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