Goodbye Shatabdi, hello world-class Train 18 by June?

Indian Railways is planning to introduce two trains which promise to bring down travel time and provide world-class facilities to passengers.


New Delhi: In a bid to cut travel time and provide a comfortable journey to its passengers, the Indian Railways is reportedly all set to introduce a world-class train in the country by June this year, and another by 2020. The two trains are expected to slash travel time by 20 per cent while also providing passengers with a plush experience.
According to a report in The Times of India, the two trains - known only as Train 18 and Train 20 so far - will replace existing Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains respectively, and have been designed by Railways' Integral Coach Factory. ICF has plans of manufacturing the first set of 16 coaches by June. While Train 18 will have body of stainless steel, Train 20 will have an all-aluminium body.
It is reported that what makes these trains unique in the country is that they can reach speeds of 160kmph and their aerodynamic nose would allow for lower wind resistance. The self-propelled trains are expected to be quicker than trains which are drawn by a locomotive due to quicker acceleration and deceleration. According to studies conducted, the time taken between Delhi and Howrah - a distance of 1,440kms - will be cut by over 180 minutes. This is because while Shatabdi and Rajdhani have a max speeds of 150 kmph but travel at about 90kmph on an average.
Speed, comfort and convenience - the trains are expected to be equipped with WiFi-based infotainment and modular bio toilets - though are not the only advantages expected.
The report also says that as part of ICF's 'Make in India' initiative, the cost of manufacturing both trains will be far less than that of imported train sets.



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