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  • Grey is the new hot when it comes to women hair color and a lot of women are deciding to stop dying hair at all.
Grey is the new hot when it comes to women hair color and a lot of women are deciding to stop dying hair at all.

I remember seeing a girl one time, this was before my current fiancee, that had long grey hair. We weren’t anything but friends or more of coworkers. We didn’t even use to talk that much now that I recall. But the reason that I remember her is because of her hair. As far as I have heard back then from the gossip in the cafeteria, is that she never dyed her hair and the grey color was just a condition that she had since she was little. I’ve known other people with that condition, like a guy named Cristian in my high school, who’s hair started to look sixty even though he was only sixteen.


Now it turns out that grey hair is the new definition of hot and natural. I remember my aunt's husbands, dying his hair when he was in his forties and his hair started to become grey here and there. His natural color was black so he would dye his hair to look young. But what these women are doing on social media, is taking the internet by a storm. There are a year old girls who don’t dye their hair at all and they still look perfect. They look hotter than they would’ve looked if they dyed their hair.
And they are proud of it. There is something about grey hair, that I don’t know, but it is just so attractive. My wife’s hair is blonde, spoiler alert, dyed blonde, natural brunette, but I would love to see how her beautiful, green eyes would combine with her hair if she would pick the grey color for once.



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