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Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Charge Your Phone in Your Bed!

A public warning about charging tablets and cell phones on a bed has been released by the Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department. In addition, most people sleep with tablets, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets in the same room, because they own many hand-held devices. About 50 percent of teenagers claim that they often fall asleep with their cell phones charging in their beds, under their sheets or pillows.


Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Charge Your Phone in Your Bed:
Since a New Hampshire family found the hard way, this habit can actually pose a fire threat to the whole family. In fact, chargers for gaming devices, laptops, tablets, and phones produce excessive heat. If there is not enough ventilation in the room, fires may break out.
Such incidents are reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. Namely, a faulty battery elevated the possibility of fire hazard, resulting in about 112 unsuspecting Samsung customers waking up to a fried phone. Therefore, you should not ignore product recalls like this as well as keep your cell phone away from flammable bedspreads and sheets.
If you keep your screen away from your bed, you can decrease the negative effects it may have on your sleep cycle.
Specifically, the natural “clock” of your body is regulated by light. This was the sun for most of human existence. But, scientists concluded that if you look at blue light (the light emitted by tablet, cell phone, and television screens), it can have a negative impact on the circadian rhythms of your body, thus disrupting the natural release of sleep-promoting hormones.


Blue light can interfere with your sleep quality as well as increase your likelihood of many serious diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Moreover, a Harvard study showed that when the sleep cycles of people are changed on a regular basis, this led to a decrease in their leptin hormones. They did not feel full after having a meal and their blood sugar levels elevated. Many other studies have also found that nightly exposure to lights and working at night could increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, and cancer.
That’s not all, new technologies might have an element of addiction. In the video below, Simon Sinek talks about the effects of the modern overuse of technology:
Here Is How to Decrease Your Risk:
-- Here are the guidelines for safe screen time released by Harvard Medical School:
-- Expose yourself to plenty of bright light throughout the day to stimulate your ability to sleep at night.
-- Do not look at bright screens a couple of hours before bedtime.
-- You may want to use dim red lights because they are less likely to suppress melatonin and shift circadian
-- In case you often use electronic devices at night or work a night shift, install an app that can filter the
    green/blue wavelength at night or wear blue-blocking glasses.



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