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Honeymoon impotence: Performance pressure during honeymoon is ALL TOO REAL!

There is nothing quite as jittery as the wedding night sex. Additionally, the expectation of performing well on the first night just adds to the already looming pressure on the giddy groom.


the ‘honeymoon impotence’? Infact, it is way more common that you can imagine.
What is the honeymoon impotence?
To put it simply, it is when your male partner is not able to get an erection, simply because there is way too much performance pressure on him. From relationship status turning legal, numerous ceremonies during the wedding to the gigantic expectations of the big night, there is a lot going on in your guy’s brain which goes against the smooth sailing.
Honeymoon impotence is basically a form of erectile dysfunction which may stem from a variety of reasons, including the fear of not being able to please your partner to the gradually building psychological pressure. It prevents the man from having or maintaining an erection during the “first-time sex” or “honeymoon sex”.
Why does it happen?
More often than not, it is the lack of sex education and the taboo surrounding pre-marital sex that causes the honeymoon impotence. A lot of studies have pointed towards societal pressure and performance anxiety being the crucial reasons behind men not being able to perform well on the wedding night. This overwhelming pressure may result in intense stress and anxiety.


The bottom line
Thankfully, while honeymoon impotence is actually treatable, it may require a combination of therapy and drugs to get to the root of the problem. There are a host of reasons why this form of erectile dysfunction happens, so as a couple you may need to work out on a few relaxation techniques and heart-to-heart conversations to deal with the issue in a proper manner.



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