Is Life difficult?

Life……i think the most easy expression to define the same is the BREATH, which is coming and going at its pace, without any visible effort from us.


Life……i think the most easy expression to define the same is the BREATH, which is coming and going at its pace, without any visible effort from us. At some point in time, most of us realize that life is difficult and tricky. What we want at a particular time, never comes through, while the same may be blessed or acquired at a time, when there is no need of the same. The day we are in most hurry, everything around us will be designed in a manner that will delay us to the most extent possible. The day we expect the boss not be there, he will be early in the morning. The day we expect the maid to not take leave, as last evening we had guests at home, she will surely bunk. The time we really expect our children to score high in an exam, they will unexpectedly fair bad. The day we are deeply upset and look for friendly shoulder, all our friends will be busy. The day we leave home without a meal, events will turn in such a manner, that we will not get to eat throughout the day. The day we committed to reach our kids school for their graduation ceremony on time, we found the car punctured. The day we think, while returning from office, that we will go home and relax, some such thing will happen, that will keep us up on our toes till we are totally exhausted. The day we will expect people to be nice to us, we will have an ugly experience with someone close. Is life unexpected and complicated all the time? By now, with all the ups and downs and churning in the wheel of life, one thing is very clear that unless we change, nothing will change.
Now you must be wondering how is changing ourselves is associated with the above unexpected and unlikely events. But amazing thing is, they are.
Change is such a word, which is very mystical. why am i using the word mystical, is because everything around us is in a constant state of change. Yet, we don’t realize it. So first and foremost thing that is important to realize is to identify and accept the universal phenomena of change.  We know that everything is changing, but we don’t accept the same.
Accept that nothing will remain the way it is, be it good or bad. The moment, you accept that with all your being, deeply from all your heart, there will be a sudden change in the attitude. If you are rich and affluent, you will become humble, because you now know that all your accomplishments, will not last forever. If you are in problem, you will suddenly be at ease, because you know, that no problem will remain forever.
With this exercise and realization, will appear a new road in front of you, and that is the road of #living in present. The moment we start living in present and observe and cherish everything around us, there is nothing to be moaned about. There is nothing which is against our wish or will, because we never created any wish. We are living moment to moment.
Initially it may be difficult to practice, but over a period, it becomes a way of living. and when it becomes a way of living, nothing seems difficult. Fear gets a new avatar and is seen as an opportunity. The more we experience a moment with joy and ease, more such moments of joy and ease are created.


When there is joy and ease in our being, which means, it is experienced from within, then, everything around also calms and falls in place. According to the #Buddhists Principle of Self and environment, everything outside of us, is a reflection of whats going inside. This principle applied to any situation is correct. Why is it that the day we have a fight with someone, or have a bad morning, all day goes bad? Its because what is inside is reflected outside. In one of my blogs I have already explained about 90/10 principle, which is that only 10% of things what happens around us are beyond our control, rest everything is a reaction to that 10%, so if we rectify our selves and our reactions to a situation, 90% of the issues around us will be resolved.
We live in world of duality. Pain and pleasure, happy and sad, late and early, love and hate etc. you name anything, and everything has two sides to it. but what is amazing is that one cannot exist without the other. Isn’t that true. Only when there is light, can there be any darkness. only when there is love, one can experience hatred. Only when there is front, can there be a back.
When we start living in the moment of present, all this duality fades. And the only truth that remains is the moment.
Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita has mentioned how to control mind, which is the cause of all suffering, which is the cause of all ills and which is what makes life difficult. So what is the recipe to control the mind. It is Yog. Observe the tip of your nose, with deep silence and gaze it till so much of concentration is build on the tip, that everything else seems to go silent and non-existent. No more thoughts, no more problems.
Hence, is life still difficult?



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