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Lake of No Return: The Mysterious Lake Of India No One Has Ever Escaped

Mystery has always been one of the most loved genres of stories that people have loved from time immemorial. Anything mystifying, be it a story from a distant land or something that happens in our daily life, piques your curiosity to no extent. If mystery is your cup of tea then the story of the ‘Lake of No Return’ will definitely bring curiosity to your mind.


For those who want something uncommon, they must visit the ‘Lake of No Return’ or Nawng Yang, a border town of the Nagas near  Myanmar. It’s believed that whoever went near this mysterious lake till date, has never come back.
Where is Lake of No Return in Arunachal Pradesh?
The ‘Lake of No Return’ or the Nawang Yang lake is one of the most mysterious destinations in India. This mysterious lake is located on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and in the Changlang district, Lake of No Return is a waterbody that partially comes under the area of Pansau, which is a small town on the border of Myanmar. The region is home to the Tangas tribe.
Why is it called Lake of No Return?
One of the most popular and known theories of the name and reputation of the mysterious lake is based on the legends that during WWII, the Allied forces used this lake for soft emergency landings and in the course, many aircraft and their crews perished in the lake.


The name has three versions of its origin. According to one of those theories, after World  War II, a bunch of Japanese soldiers were returning and happened to lose their way. They winded up at the lake, where it is believed that they contracted malaria which ultimately led to their death. Adding myth to legend, one author claims that he has encountered the name on a document written by one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, which he claims still hides out in the area.
Apart from all these beliefs, folklore runs among the villagers. The tale that has been passed on for generations believes that long ago, a villager caught an extraordinarily big fish. The whole village was invited to feast on the fish, except an old woman and her granddaughter. Angered by this, the guardian of the lake warned an old woman and her granddaughter to run away from the village and the next day, the whole village was submerged in the lake.
Despite lots of myths and theories, villagers are advertised in the hope to increase tourism in Arunachal Pradesh. The stories are believed to attract tourists to this local Bermuda Triangle.



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