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Lucky Dog! A Person Booked An Entire Business Class Cabin Of An Air India Flight For His Dog

If you thought you're living your best life, this dog's luck would make you feel very jealous. 


A dog travelled from Chennai to Mumbai by business class all by itself. His owner booked the entire business class cabin for the Air India flight so that his dog could travel in luxury.
The dog owner would have spent more than Rs 2.5 lakh for the two-hour-long flight. The fare for a business class seat on Air India Mumbai-Chennai flight is around Rs 20,000.
The business class cabin only had two passengers, a human and the dog. 
"The J-class cabin on Air India A320 aircraft has 12 seats, so the cute pup flew in luxury," the source told TOI.
The dog that travelled alone on this flight was a white Maltese dog. 
Dogs have travelled in Air India business class before, however, this is probably the first time that an entire business cabin was booked for a pet. Air India is the only Indian carrier that lets domestic pets in the passenger cabin. A maximum of two pets are allowed on a flight and the pet is seated in the last row of the booked class.
Between June and September of last year, Air India flew 2,000 pets on its domestic flights.  



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