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Magar-munch: Kayaker captures epic swamp battle between a python and a crocodile - See Pictures

The olive python is currently Australia’s second largest snake.


In today’s edition of bizarre stories from Australia, an olive python was captured on camera chomping on a fully-grown crocodile and then swallowing the reptile completely before slowly slithering away into the wild.
The terrifying battle was spotted by kayaker Martin Muller while he was travelling down a swamp in Mount Isa in Queensland. He wasted no time in capturing the epic fight on his camera.
GG Wildlife Rescue Inc’s official Facebook page shared the pictures which now have over 35,000 shares and 19,000 comments.
Take a look:

The olive python is currently Australia’s second largest and Western Australia’s largest snake, wrote GG Wildlife on Facebook. They added the reptile it was feeding on was a ‘Crocodylus Johnstoni’, a kind of freshwater crocodile found in many parts of Australia.
In one of the pictures, the snake can be seen using its muscular length to constrict and suffocate the crocodile while using its jaws to chow on the head. The python manages to completely swallow the crocodile, which drastically changes the shape of the serpent’s belly.
“It's common for them to eat pretty much anything if they can fit it in their mouth,” GG Wildlife Rescue Inc owner Michelle Jones told Daily Mail Australia.
As expected, thousands of netizens were stunned to see a python eating a fully-grown crocodile.
One user wrote, "I dunno how this is physically, literally, figuratively, anything that ends in -ly possible to do. Talk about biting off more than you can chew. I'll never understand how this is physically possible."
“Snakes that big eat human beings. They are pure muscle. That snake will move around no problem after eating that," wrote another.
“My only questions is why would any sane human being be kayaking in a place where there are snakes that can swallow a crocodile whole?” wrote a third user. 



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