Man Gets Soiled Underwear With Uber Eats Food Order

"Who thinks that you're going to get delivered somebody's dirty underwear? Disgusting, unhealthful, it's potentially deadly."


In a horrifying incident, a man in Florida said he received an unpleasant and unwanted side with his food order - dirty underwear. Uber Eats customer Leo, who wishes to be identified only by his first name, said he was shocked to find soiled underwear with his food order. According to Fox News, the incident took place in Miami on Sunday night, where Leo was attending Art Basel.
Leo used Uber Eats - a food delivery platform - to place an order from a Japanese restaurant. WFLA reports that when the order arrived, Leo said he walked outside his hotel to receive it from the Uber Eats driver.
"I grabbed the food and right when I got the food she took off running and I was like, 'that was kind of odd,'" he said.
When he opened the plastic packet back in his room, he was disgusted to find a pair of thigh-length underwear, clearly stained with what looked like feces.
He immediately threw it back in the bag and called Uber, the restaurant and the police.
"Who thinks that you're going to get delivered somebody's dirty underwear? Disgusting, unhealthful, it's potentially deadly," he said, talking about the incident.


"What's been reported is very concerning. We are reviewing this order and reaching out to all parties involved to help understand what may have occurred. The courier has been removed from the app pending investigation," said Uber in a statement, according to WFLA.
Leo has received a full refund for the order and the incident is under investigation.
News of this incident came just a day after a video showing a Zomato delivery executive helping himself to a customer's meal went viral and caused outrage in India.



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