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NBC's Megyn Kelly asks PM Narendra Modi, ‘Are you on Twitter’

Moscow: National Broadcasting Company (NBC's) leading journalist Megyn Kelly needed to confront the anger of the Twitteratti for requesting that an unimaginable question Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is exceptionally dynamic via social media and has a massive following.

At the state dinner party tossed at Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg with Russian President Putin and Modi, Kelly set out to ask if the Indian PM was dynamic on Twitter.

Curiously, Kelly likewise posted a photo of her collaboration with PM Modi on Twitter.

PM Modi excessively posted a photo of his collaboration with columnists later.

Kelly posed this question amid her communication with the Prime Minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin at state supper party tossed by the last at Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg.

This funny circumstance occurred when Prime Minister Modi commended Kelly for her photo on Twitter where she is posturing with an umbrella, to which the apparently shocked asked the Prime Minister "Are you on Twitter?"

An obviously grinning Prime Minister Modi ignored her question.

What took after was enormous scorn and reaction for the correspondent on TwiTter.

Here are some of those responses:-


NBC's Megyn Kelly asks PM Narendra Modi, ‘Are you on Twitter’



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