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Pakistani Doctor Allegedly Infects 900 Kids With HIV By Reusing Infected Syringes

There is panic in the city of Pakistan, Ratodero, as there is a reported HIV outbreak there. Why? Because a negligent, careless doctor reused syringes on patients.


About 900 children in city have tested positive for HIV and authorities warn that these number could increase as not everyone has been tested yet. Currently, as many as 1,100 people have tested positive, out of which 900 are children below the age of 12, out of the 2,00,000 that have been tested so far, according to The New York Times. All this happened because  pediatrician Dr Muzaffar Ghanghro who reportedly charges 31 Pakistani rupees (Rs 14), used infected syringes. 

At that fee, he is among the cheapest doctors in the city and so the poorest of the city, naturally flock to his clinic. 
After the news saw the day of light, the doctor was arrested and charged with negligence and manslaughter. The pediatrician claims that he is innocent and has denied all accusations. 
He has still not been convicted and reportedly is working at a public hospital as a GP. 
Imtiaz Jalbani had six of his children treated by the doctor and said he once saw him rummaging through a bin for an old needle on his son (6), who was later diagnosed as HIV-positive.
Lack of awareness among people and poverty played a major role in affecting the lives of 900 children and the government of the country should take this seriously and punish the guilty.



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