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Rudest Cities: 9 Rudest Cities In The World According To Travel Writers And You’ll Be Surprised By Some Of Them

If you’re a traveler you’ll definitely admit that not all your traveling experiences have been beautiful. There might be a good number of cities that won your heart for a lifetime. One the other hand, there may be a handful of cities that have etched some sour memories in your heart. You probably even promised yourself to never go back there ever!


For many of us, traveling is an escape; for some, it’s a way to gain new experiences in life and for others, it could just be an act of leisure. Today, the idea of traveling the world is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. Every other city in the world is spending millions of dollars on its tourism to reap massive revenue advantage. And, most of these strategies prove to be working out when we see tourists flock to the same old cities — Paris, Bali, New York, etc.
Most of us get carried away by the pictures we see on social media and visit such countries only to realize that the city wasn’t welcoming as it seemed. It could be a rude service at one of the city’s café, or a local refusing to guide you with directions because you don’t the local language. All such experiences leave you with a rude memory of the city. Some don’t even dare to travel again after such encounters. To save you from such bitter experiences, here’s a list of nine rudest cities in the world that you should either reconsider traveling to or at least, be extra prepared to face on your visit there. Give it a read and feel enlightened.
9. Paris, France
Yes, known as one of the most romantic cities of the world, Paris has been making headlines for being a rude city, time and again. However, this French capital has kept its marketing game strong by focusing on its key attraction, the Eiffel Tower! This city manages to attract a whopping 20 million tourists every year. But, ask these tourists about their Paris experience and they’ll say two things. Firstly, the key attractions aren’t as marvelous as they’re shown on the internet, and secondly, the locals don’t really interact with English-speaking people. The unfriendly experience that travelers and tourists face in Paris has given birth to the term, “Paris syndrome.”
8. London, England
Despite having an array of tourist attractions, which also include four World Heritage Sites (Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens, St. Margaret’s Church), this city still manages to get the “rude” tag its visitors. This is mainly because the people of London aren’t happy souls. They don’t smile back or help with directions, and seem very cold. Also, most of the famed tourist spots are either overpriced or over-hyped.
7. Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monte Carlo is one of the most popular cities in the world. It has many travelers and tourists visiting every single year. Monte Carlo is popularly known for being the host city for the Formula One Grand Prix, the most renowned motor racing competition in the world. Many celebs have become residents of this beautiful city owing to its favorable laws. And this very fact poses a problem for the city. The influx of opulent residents here doesn’t make the regular travelers feel welcome. And also, it has turned out to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.
6. New York City, New York
It is the largest city of the United States and despite attracting 11.5 million tourists every year, it is marked with the “rudest city” tag. This city can provide you with everything you’ve ever wanted — great pubs, amazing street food, exquisite stores to shop from, etc. However, never take the help of a local to get to any of these places. As everybody knows, the people of New York aren’t very friendly with the tourists. In fact, they think that these guests don’t really fit into their fast-paced city.
5. Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and is known to be the rudest capital city of the world. The city sure does boast of its lip-smacking food, really beautiful tourist attractions, etc. However, most of the travelers who’ve visited this capital have complained about the scams here. The travelers complain of endless arguments they had with the local taxi drivers. Also in most of the places, they were made to pay double the price. They end up charging $20 for a shoe repair, just imagine!


4. Doha, Qatar
Qatar’s capital city sure must have been voted as one of the New7Wonders Cities owing to its sudden bloom of modern architecture. On the flip side, the city lacks traditional buildings and cultural feel. Its airport is extravagant, but the city is rather unpleasant to look. And, even if we ignore that the traffic there is pathetic, we cannot ignore the rude behavior of the men.
3. Macau, China
Macau is considered to be Las Vegas of Asia. It’s an epicenter of gambling and glamour. Luxury entertainment here is at its peak. However, a lot of travelers have complained about the rude atrocities of the gamblers there. These gamblers apparently even trample tourists when it comes to their business.
2. Milan, Italy
Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world. Name any designer and you’ll find their exclusive store in this city. The architecture of this city provides inspiration to several famous designers. Ask any traveler about this city and they all complain about just one thing — the locals are very blunt and heavily self-absorbed.
1. Miami, Florida
This North American city is the second-most popular tourist city in the United States. Its warm, summer beaches give a pleasant vibe. The city was also voted as the cleanest city of the country recently. Nevertheless, it still makes it to the rudest city list, since the locals look down upon tourists as the cause for an expensive lifestyle there. Also, the predominance of Spanish speaking residents, who refuse to help the travelers makes this city a rude one.



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