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Russia jails woman for trying to enter Syria to join Islamic State lover

A Russian military court on Thursday sentenced a 21-year-old understudy, who attempted to enter Syria subsequent to going gaga for an Islamic State jihadist, to four-and-a-half years in jail.

Varvara Karaulova was kept a year ago after she attempted to cross into war-torn Syria from Turkey while still a logic undergrad at the Moscow State University.

Judge Alexander Ababkov said in court that the "criminal action of the litigant proceeded for a significant long time" and that Karaulova had a criminal expectation.

He said she was a "supporter of radical Islamist perspectives" and chose to join IS, mindful of the jihadist gathering's mean to "make an Islamic caliphate."

Karaulova was accused a year ago of get ready to take an interest in a "psychological oppressor association", yet argued not liable, saying she was roused by adoration for a Russian jihadist battling in Syria.

Karaulova, her dull hair in a pig tail, looked quiet as the judge read the decision, viewed by relatives including her folks and stepmother.

Resistance legal counselor Sergei Badamshin said it was an "exceptionally cruel, unjustified sentence" and "we have as of now claimed."

Prosecutor Mikhail Reznichenko said his side, which had asked for a five-year sentence, was happy with the choice.

Karaulova's legal advisors contended that the powers are attempting to make a case of her to caution off other youthful Russians from attempting to go to Syria, where Moscow is directing a shelling effort in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Her dad Pavel Karaulov denounced the sentence as "crazy."

He told columnists outside the court that he now laments having gone to the powers when his little girl vanished, saying: "I committed an error... by swinging to the individuals who ought to ensure our security."

Legal advisor Ilya Novikov said the sentence made an impression on guardians in a comparable circumstance that "you should not go to the FSB (security benefit), you should not trust the state."

'Idiotic adventure'

In her keep going words in court on Wednesday, a sobbing Karaulova said her endeavor to cross into Syria was "every one of the an oversight, an exceptionally idiotic careless act."

"I have understood every one of my oversights and my ineptitude," she said. "I long for offering some kind of reparation for my blame for this dumb adventure."

In 2012, while still a young person, Karaulova met a man named Airat Samatov on the web and they kept in touch with each for a long time while never meeting.

Samatov went to Syria in 2014 and advised her he was battling for IS. Karaulova changed over to Islam and started wearing a hijab.

She vanished without notice in May, 2015, inciting a wild pursuit by her folks. They found that she had traveled to Turkey and ventured out to the outskirt with other ladies planning to join men battling for IS.

Turkish outskirt watches confined the gathering and she was compelled to fly back to Russia with her dad. Agents at first said she was being dealt with as an observer before capturing her in October, 2015.

Russia jails woman for trying to enter Syria to join Islamic State lover

Russia jails woman for trying to enter Syria to join Islamic State lover



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