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Scientists Prove Stephen Hawking's Prediction Of Black Hole Features 47 Years Later

Black holes exert pressure on the space surrounding them! The universe's secret holders known as black holes are no longer the scary half-imagined cosmic entities that humanity doesn't understand.


Over the last century, humans have made great strides in understanding black holes, which are essentially regions in the universe where gravity is extremely strong - so strong that not even light can escape. And now, Stephen Hawking's theory about black holes may have been proven right. 
Black holes exert pressure, after all!
Turns out, black holes exert pressure on all space surrounding them. Hawking had predicted that black holes emit radiation in 1974, implying that the objects have temperature. In addition, Hawking claimed that black holes slowly shrink over time if no accumulation of gases (accretion) takes place. 
Scientists from the University of Sussex - Professor Xavier Calmet and Folkert Kuipers published their findings in Physical Review D. The researchers were probing the event horizon (a black hole's boundary) of a black hole when they made the startling discovery. 


They were looking an entropy at the event horizon of the black hole, which is essentially the chaos embedded into any physical object and its progression from calm to mayhem. 
While reading the calculations, the scientists kept running into an additional figure which they couldn't explain. It took them months to figure out that it was actually caused by pressure around the black hole. 
This pressure may be miniscule, but it suggests what Hawking had predicted - that black holes can shrink. 
With this discovery, scientists hope to uncover more secrets about the characteristics of black holes and how they affect surrounding objects. 



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